Reiki Master Healing

Reiki was founded in Japan, the word 'Reiki' translates to universal energy. This universal energy is all around us, its what makes up the fabric of our reality. Reiki is the ability to send universal energy through both palms into the Chakras of the body. It is beneficial to have a specific intention for what you would like from the Reiki before having a session. There have been numerous counts of physical, mental, emotion and life healing with Reiki. Many people in the medical community recognize Reiki as a way to complement surgery and emotional awareness. Reiki's popularity is growing with a large number of people having beautiful life healing experiences. Reiki can help people heal from all ranges of physical or emotional pain. Reiki has a way of increasing the vitality of the life you already have. Reiki being Universal energy, we can ask to receive or let go of anything because we are essentially asking the universe. The depths of Reiki have helped a lot of people including myself heal physically, emotionally and spiritually. If Reiki resonates with you, book a session with me and watch how your life will open up new opportunities and let go of anything holding you back.  

Which state of being do you want to live in?
Past (depression)   Present (joy)  Future (anxiety)

The Chakras play an intricate part of our lives, like the mind the Chakras store our life memory of the past and process the information to dictate our actions in the present moment. Reiki is generally used to clear out the nonbeneficial information in the chakra system, this will bring balance, harmony, and alignment to the body, directly impacting every area of our life.