Spirit Readings

We are all born with intuition and instinctive abilities that allow us to have extra senses. Some of us are more in tune with it than others, naturally. However, if we practice this intuitive muscle, it gets stronger and easier to access. I've been practicing ancient meditation and energy channeling techniques for the past 9 years, daily. This has helped me tune into my spirit and soul, answering some of my own deep questions. Who am I? What am I here to do? How can I help, myself and other people?
This intuitive muscle can be voluntarily turned on for me, and sometimes the dial is naturally turned down or not as connected. When we are in a spirit reading together, your souls intention for the reading and my passion and desire to help cranks up the connection, allowing beautiful and powerful messages to flow. It's been my experience this reading will bring up a sense of what your current energy is like, high vibes or low, and how to shift that into the vibration you truly desire. Any current emotions, beliefs or perspectives you're struggling with, how to shift them and open into the place your being wants to sit in. Your own personal power can unfold, messages from your ancestors, spirit guides, or angels that have been with you since your first breath and the ones who come in later on. Stuck on what to do next? Not sure who are you? Feeling in a rut? Does the same pattern or experience continue to resurface? The spirit reading is designed to help take you further, on your journey, to a place of joy, comfort, and alignment with your true self.